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The scope of the Center for On-the-Move Energy Technologies (COMET) includes a broad range of applications from small portable electric devices to air, sea and ground electric transportation systems, which influence the quality of modern life. Despite their wide range of power ratings and diverse applications, these technologies share a number of challenging design and technical requirements. On-the-move or Mobile Energy Technologies (METs) typically operate off the grid with no or minimal (e.g. charging, etc.) interaction with the grid. They are generally electro-mechanical systems, and are exposed to mechanical vibrations and thermal stresses. They must be light and compact to minimize power consumption and increase the operational time. METs must also be fault tolerant and resilient to rapidly changing environmental conditions. These challenges identify COMET’s technical focus and targeted industry. COMET will advance the research and design methodologies for METs while taking into consideration the specific challenges of each application. The research activities in COMET are intertwined with comprehensive educational activities, which will expose students at all levels to discovery-based and industry-focused skills.